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Cycling Tips

Beginner’s Cycling Tips: 10 Essential Key Points Every New Cyclist Should Know

by halo themes 01 Jun 2020 1 comment

New to riding ? we have all been there at one point. Not to worry it is pretty easy and really fun !

Consistency is the most important thing to anything in life. The more you do something it becomes a habit and you eventually get better overtime.

Right, let’s start with what to wear. There is a massive range of cycling clothing out there which comes in a variety of colours and fabrics, from low priced to expensive. Let’s have a look at the following. 

1. Cycling Shorts: It’s important to invest in some decent cycling shorts, from personal experience I recommend padded bib shorts, they stop your backside from hurting so much whilst riding.

2. Cycling Helmet: Extremely vital. Mandatory before you start riding your bike as it could potentially save your life!

 It’s not hard to find one that is affordable as well as comfortable. A good way to find one is to check out expert reviews of the best cycling helmets

3. Road Pedals: clipless pedals are the way forward. The binding can be made tighter or looser. This makes a massive difference to pedalling efficiency. 

4. Gloves & Pads: to ensure protection if you are starting out and learning new skills. 

A good pair of gloves and knee pads are essential in order to protect yourself. If you are considering learning big jumps or hard-core downhill trails you should also include elbow pads and back protectors too. 

cycling glasses couple


5. Cycling Glasses: Keep your eyes protected from stones, insects, sun and rain. Some sunglasses have different lenses e.g. so one lens could me for bright conditions and another could be for a rainy day.

 We offer a range of sports sunglasses here at 

Now that your wearing something which is comfortable, let’s move onto keeping your bike happy, this doesn’t mean you need a shed full of tools in order to achieve this. 

6. Clean & Oil your Chain Regularly: if you are going to ride in bad weather, this will help eliminate the ‘creak’ which cyclists hate. This means that more expensive parts such as the chain rings won’t wear out as quickly. 

7. Checking Tyre Pressure: the recommended levels will be indicated on the sidewall of your tyres.

 A good investment would be a floor pump which is also called a track pump-  it requires less effort to get to the recommended pressure, also features a handy pressure gauge. 

8. Fit Mudguards/Fenders: ideal for wet conditions and riding in groups. Your fellow cyclists will thank you for this, especially if they are riding behind you. 

A mudguard tends to be used in winter when the roads are muddy. This protects other bikers from mud spray. 

9. Clean your Bike: a sponge and hot soapy water will do the job for most parts unless the grime is caked on. 

If that is the case, there are some amazing sprays available to help clean your bike. You can get this at your local bike shop.

 Use a specialist degreaser for the drivetrain (chain, crank set etc.). Lastly give your bike a spray with silicone aerosol- avoiding braking surfaces, this will stop mud sticking on your next ride.

10. Learn to Fix a Puncture: and make sure to carry a repair kit which includes the following pump, tyre levers, patches or new inner tube. 

When you are miles away from help for example cycling in a park far from your familiar surroundings you will be glad that you know how to fix this. 

That is pretty much it from me. If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below. I hope we have helped you :)

Now it's time for you to get out there and get some miles in. Keep safe and have fun !

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