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The Top Amazing Places for Cycling in the World

by halo themes 02 Jun 2020 0 commenti

cycling views

 Mid Spring is always an amazing time to give you something exciting and new to look forward to.

If you’re an individual who is a passionate cyclist and also an enthusiastic traveller, automatically your thoughts turn to places which are the most exciting, stunning and you think of spots where you want to ride your bike.

 As we are approaching summer, this is a great form of exercise and also allows you to be at peace when riding your bike. We have assembled our own list of memorable and a number of unique destinations which you can consider for this year. 

These are a few places that some of our customers internationally love to cycle to. Have a look and tell us what you think of these amazing places. If your favourite place is missing from the list, be sure to let us know in the comments. 

croatia cycling route


1. Cycle through Rovinj, ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’ on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula

Cobbled streets, Ornate Gothic, Architecture, charming gates make an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for cycling. Nearby Lim Bay, which is a protected estuary which once divided the Roman provinces of Dalmatia and Italy. 

Today this beautiful place is a protected sanctuary for a number of birds and a waterfowl. It’s an amazing place to find delectable oysters, fish, and mussels. Rovinj is indeed an adventure paradise, to cycle, kayak or simply just go for a walk on the towns stunning beach. 


cycling route in taiwan


2. Taiwan- Taroko Gorge National Park

If you are passionate about the far east, the place for you to check out would be Taiwan’s ‘Marble Mountains’. It is the most incredible place for your next bicycle adventure.

 A popular national park called Taroko Gorge is connected to Taipei by the central cross highway and its full of scenery and thrilling roads for you to cycle along. Taroko George has the most breathtaking views of all Taiwan’s national parks, furthermore it is also where the annual Taiwan Cycling Festival is held.

 Whilst on your cycle you will pass colourful temples and shrines, it’s a country booming with culture and history and there is something for everyone here. 

Chile pataognian forest cycling route


3. Patagonian Forests on Chile’s Seven Lakes Route 

What comes to mind when you think of Glaciers, icefields and windblown steps? Well, that is only the beginning. Patagonia has many amazing forests and incredible nature reserves, its every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. 

The route of the seven lakes is breathtaking and has amazing circuits. Sapphire water, volcanoes, and snow-capped peaks are a must-see during your ride. It really is a sight that won’t leave your memory for a very long time. 

isle of arran scotland

4. Isle of Arran loop

The Isle of Arran is known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’, there is really no better place to experience coastlines, ornate castles, lush moors and towering peaks which is exactly what Scotland is famous for.

 As you pedal around the island you will take in the fresh air and scenery. It is so refreshing for the mind and soul. Don’t forget after this you can also treat yourself to a craft beer and tour Arran Brewery and then you can also visit the famous Arran Distillery for their famous whisky. 

julian alps


5. North Face of Triglav in Slovenia’s Julian Alps

We could not forget about the mountain bikers who have a passion for cycling. We have found the best spot for you, the MTB adventure in the Julian Alps. 

When you have an e-mountain bike, it’s an amazing experience going on these adventures as it’s not so daunting climbing ‘the wall’ which is Triglav’s north face and also a national symbol pride in Slovenia.

 Its approximately 1,000 metres tall and 4,000 metres which is the highest peak in the Julian Alps. The most amazing things in the Julian Alps is that you can ride to the most amazing places that cars can’t even go. This will allow you to catch the most breathtaking views with loved ones. 




I hope you enjoy traveling around a few of the above suggestions. Cycling is something which really allows you to release yourself and to also feel free. 

The breath-taking views are a bonus as it allows you to capture amazing scenery whilst cycling. The above cycling spots have a variety of different things from snowy glaciers, to peaceful country roads so there is a spot for everyone. It all depends on the kind of atmosphere that you like, but we have suggested something for everyone. 

Always remember to stay safe whilst travelling to over sea countries and to always check their rules and regulations. Please make sure to send us a message if you need any more suggestions and to also tag us on social media if you go to any of these amazing spots!

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