Sports Sunglasses


A brand that is driven on the basis of Extremely High Quality, Unique Designs and most importantly Customer Satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide you with the best High Performance Sports Eyewear & Gear. We do this through extensive research in finding out what our customers want - then taking the necessary steps to plan and produce outstanding products.

Not only is Essence Outdoors a brand, together we are a community where we motivate, inspire and uplift one another to do better than the previous day. We believe in unlocking your true potential. When it comes to performing at your highest ability - there should be no distractions. Therefore, we have innovative features built in such as Anti Slip Sunglasses & Anti Fog lenses.

Our Design Team measures a variety of faces differentiating in size & shape. A Final Fit is then prepared - Sports Sunglasses that are Compatible and Tailored to All.

Before your order is delivered, tests are carried out to ensure that the frame and lens is impact resistant.

Manufactured to provide you with inferior comfort, enabling you to take part in any activities with ease.

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